We Can Jump-Start Your Car in Less Than 5 Minutes

Hamtramck, MI-area drivers appreciate our quick car jump-start services

No need to flag down a passing motorist - just call on Justice Towing & Recovery in Hamtramck, MI for emergency car jump services. Once we arrive, we can hook up your vehicle in seconds and get you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

Our jump-start technician is available 24/7 and typically arrives within 30 minutes. Factors like weather and road conditions can impact our response times, but you can always count on us to arrive within 90 minutes.

Arrange for car jump-start services today to avoid abandoning your vehicle where it broke down.

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Please have your payment ready

We require upfront payment for car jump-start services. You can pay with...

  • A credit or debit card
  • Exact change
  • Cash App

If your car still won't start after we've attempted to jump-start it, there's likely a more serious issue involved. Let us know if you want us to tow it to our preferred auto repair shop - we'd be glad to do so.

Call 313-657-4341 at any time to request emergency car jump services in the Hamtramck, MI area.